Friday, March 6, 2009

Marvel has shown an understanding of subtle buzz building.

Here is something funny: I went to an Incredible Hulk movie blog and found out some interesting ifo on the future Captain America movie. Why is this funny to me? Mostly because these two characters don't seem similar to me; one is the epitome of chaotic destructionwhile the other is an iconic figure that represents calm decision-making while under siege. (well, more or less)

However, based on the information contained within the recent Hulk DVD, there would appear to be a link between the two characters on the big screen. This next bit I learned from the Hulk blog. In one of the deleted scenes from the last Incredible Hulk movie, Bruce Banner goes to the Arctic and contemplates suicide. While there he gets caught in a snow slide. One result of this is that the frozen figure of Captain America appears to be revealed among the ice and snow. Now this is a hotly contested point made hard to prove by it being a very brief glimpse in the scene but it has been confirmed by the movie's Director, so... Anyway, this leads to my next point: that Marvel has been showing some ingenious efforts to tie the continuity of their different characters together. Whether it is Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man, Captain America's shield during Iron Man, the super soldier serum during the Hulk, or this scene with Captain America under the ice. this will only be heightened in a couple of years as Marvel has timed things to have series of movies released in sequence so as to build off of each other's momentum. Even though the Captain America movie will be reportedly set during WW II it is understood that the character will be brought upto current continuity with the release of the subsequent Marvel movie, the avengers.

I gotta give Marvel credit, they definitely know how to hype the product - by using the product.