Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tintin The Belgium Boy Detective Explained

Now a Tintin movie is reported to be released early 2010 it is good time to get behind the Tintin character? Tintin is a young Belgian reporter who through heroic action solves mysteries that are presented at the start of each comic book. Tintin was first introduced to the world in Tintin in the Land of the Soviets. Tintin was the creation of George Remi under he pen name Herge and was first introduced in a Belgium paper in 19289-1930.

Tintin and the Land of the Soviets was a political satire that poked fun at the Soviets claims to having a thriving economy and found an audience due to many people’s unease with the Soviet Empire. Remi himself had distrust for the Soviet Empire.

The Tintin comic series have an almost formulaic feel about it. Most of the books deal with Tintin having to solve a mystery of some kind whilst also having to write a story for his paper.

A great example of how a Tintin album works is Tintin and the Black Island. In The Black Island Tinitn sees a plane make an emergency landing and goes to try and help. Tintin goes to the pilots aid but it only results in the pilot trying to shoot him. Tintin then recovers in hospitable where he finds out that a similar plane crashed in a field in Sussex from the detectives Thompson and Thompson.

Tintin then obviously decides to investigate the mystery for himself. The adventure thus starts leading Tintin to be accused of assault and theft of a fellow passenger on a train journey and later kidnapped and forced to jump off a cliff (saved by his dog snowy before he is made too). The trail leads to an Island off Scotland where stories of a strange beast is said to kill humans. Tintin discovers the Island to be the hideout of forgers and cleverly captures them and holds them till the police arrive.

The reader will always see Tintin solve the mysteries put before him though some adventures are set over two books such as Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon. The wierd happenstance in many Tintin albums is that you will see Tintin solve crimes but more often than not hand in a finished article. The end of the comic strips often sees him receiving a hero’s reception along with Captain Haddock and Snowy.

Tintin is a heroic young man but lacks the color of many of the other characters that appear in the comic books. Herge created a chararcter in Tintin with neutral attitudes which makes him easier to understand.

On the release of the first Tintin movie in 2010 of a Tintin move trilogy should see Tintin becoming even more popular. The Tintin movie will be directed by Steven Spielberg andto find out more please visit the website Le Tintin Movie.

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